Guaranteed Media

MASS Exchange is the best way to buy and sell programmatic media using our patented Advertising Futures Exchange.

MASS Exchange works with all media: online display, video, mobile, and television. Built by a team from the fin-tech and ad-tech worlds, MASS Exchange has adapted the futures exchange model for media transactions. After all, if we trade coffee, cotton, currencies, and copper futures, we should be able to trade media futures in an organized market too.

For advertisers and publishers, buying and selling stays very much the same: workflow solutions, campaign management, ad serving, inventory management, etc. All systems stay as they are.

In this true exchange environment, everyone wins. What improves is publishers’ ability to sell their inventory at higher yields. Plus, advertisers and agencies can buy media complete with the best guarantees in the business.

Mass exchange


We know that media planners work hard to deliver the right message to 

the right audiences at the right time. Yet, when the campaign’s over, it’s 

not unusual to find that the campaign reached only a small percentage of 

the intended target audience. There’s a 

tremendous waste of advertising spend and planning resources. And up until 

now, no one has been able to do anything about it.


For many publishers, the large potential revenue opportunities offered by 

new inventory bidding and optimization technologies come with daunting 

new risks.  Many publishers say future programmatic inventory buying could be very valuable. As of now they say the technology is still very much skewed 

towards advertisers. MASS Exchange is changing this paradigm with our easy-to-use futures exchange. It’s a win-win for both sellers and buyers.